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                                                                                                                                              Fast Shipping !!! Hurry While Supplies Last!

How to Buy?


Where it says “Console” Choose an item through the drop down Menu.


Paid* Shipping Rates are based off of PlayStation Bundle weight and dimension. Paid* Product shipping rates vary for other products, contact for details.


What To Know Before You Buy:

After Purchase, I will be messaging you photos of your assigned console to disclose the exact condition so there are no surprises when you open your anticipated package! (Every console is in the exact condition it was received from the retailer.) Please be ready to approve or your item will NOT ship immediately.


Item Condition

All Items are in the exact condition that they were received from the retailer in. All products are brand new/factory sealed and inside original retail packaging.

Terms of Sale


After payment, the buyer acknowledges that “charge-backs” or “unauthorized purchases/transactions” initiated via their bank and/or creditor should be recognized by PayPal as an attempt to fraudulently keep the merchandise of the seller while receiving reimbursement.


I Will Pack Items meticulously for safe travel. See images for packing quality. Items MAY NOT be packed with exactly the same materials, but WILL be packed with the same quality of care and consideration.

Shipping Information

***Ships 5 Days a Week if UPS is Open!***

Orders made before 4PM CST will be shipped same day

Orders made after 5 PM CST will be dropped off at UPS Customer Care Center at 10:30 AM CST The next morning. 
(Not the UPS/Fedex/USPS Store which ever is faster).
This allows for immediate shipment and no delay.

Playstation 5 Bundle Includes 7 Items:

                                            1x PS5 Console Disc Version

                                            1x Extra PS5 Controller

                                            1x Cold War Call of Duty Game

                                            1x PS5 Camera

                                            1x PS5 Charging Station

                                            1x PS5 Media Remote

                                            1x PS5 3D Pulse Head Phones

Xbox Series S Bundle Includes 4 Items:


                                                                            1x Xbox Series S Console

                                            1x Extra Xbox Controller

                                            1x MineCraft Hero Edition Game

                                            1x Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 3 Month Code.


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