Playstation Classic 114 Games! 64gb (Flash Drive ONLY) All Best Games, Ps1 Mini

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This sale is for a new 64gb USB flash drive preinstalled with 114 games (including the 20 that come with the system, they all appear on the same screen). This sale is for ONLY the use flash drive, no PlayStation Classic (ps1 mini) included. this usb is packed with some of the best games of the console’s generation. Some 64gb flash drives out there might come with a few more games but take into account that this list of games contains 10 multi disk games.

This usb flash drive is literally plug-n-play. Please take into account that the flash drive MUST stay connected into control port 2. This doesn’t mean you cant play 2 players, it just means that you’re going to have to use a multi usb hub to connect both controllers into controller port 1 (feel free to ask for recommendations on which usb hubs work best). This is the case for EVERY ps1 Classic flash drive. Most people tend to leave this part out.

Setup is as simple as these 5 short steps..

1 – Unplug power cable from ps1 Classic.

2 – Plug flash drive into controller port 2.

3 – Plug power cable back into ps1 Classic.

4 – Wait a few secs for orange light and press power button.

5 – Click on Bleem Sync and you’re done.

Here is the list of games. I’ve included the most iconic as well as some of the best hidden gems in the consoles library.

007 The world is not enough

007 Tomorrow never dies

40 Winks

Ace combat 2

Army men air attack

Army man sarge’s heroes

Army man world war

Army men 3D

Batman forever the arcade game

Battle arena toshinden

Bloody roar 2

Breath of fire 4

Castlevania symphony of the night

Chrono cross

Clock tower

Cool boarders 2

Crash bandicoot

Crash bandicoot 2 cortex strikes back

Crash bandicoot 3 warped

Crash team racingh

Danger girl

Dave Mirra freestyle bmx

Destruction derby

Digimon world

Digimon world 2

Digimon world 3

Digimon digital card battle

Dino crisis

Dino crisis 2

Dragon ball gt final bout

Fighting force

Final fantasy 7

Final fantasy 8

Final fantasy 9


Gex enter the gecko

Grand theft auto

Heart of darkness

Intelligent cube

Jackie Chan’s stuntmaster

Jet moto 3

Jumping flash!

Kingsley’s adventure

Legacy of Kain soul reaver

Legend of legaia

Legend of mana

Metal gear solid

Marvel vs Calvin clash of superheroes

Mat Hoffman’s pro bmx

Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor underground


Medieval 2

Mega man 8

Mega man legends

Mega man legends 2

Megaman x4

Megaman x5

Megaman x6

Metal gear solid vr missions

Mortal kombat trilogy

Mr. Driller

NFL blitz 2000

Nuclear strike

Oddworld Abe’s oddysee

Omega boost



Pandemonium! 2

Parasite eve

Parasite eve 2

R4 ridge racer type 4

Raycrisis series termination


Rayman 2 the great escape


Resident evil nemisis

Resident evil directors cut

Revelations persona

Silent hill

Soul of the samurai

South Park

Speed punks

Spider man

Spider man 2 enter electro

Spyro the dragon

Spyro 2 riptos rage

Spyro 3 year of the dragon

Star ocean the second story

Star Wars demolition

Street fighter alpha 3


Suikoden 2

Super puzzle fighter 2 turbo

Syphon filter

Tom Clancy’s rainbow six

Tekken 3

Tenchu stealth assassins

Tenchu 2 birth of the stealth assassins

Threads of fate

Tomb raider

Tomb raider 2

Tomb raider 3


Tomba! 2 the evil swine return

Tony Hawk’s pro skater 2

Tony Hawk’s pro skater 3

Treasures of the deep

Twisted metal

Twisted metal 4

Vagrant story

Vigilante 8

Wild arms

Yu-gi-oh forbidden memories


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