Super Nintendo Classic Edition Console SNES Mini Entertainment System

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You want the very best, most complete retro gaming system? One where design, attention to detail, and functionality come together?

You’ve found it. There is nothing quite like this out there – An authentic SNES Classic Edition Mini Console w/ 7500+ games, covering 20+ consoles.

This was conceived and designed to be the ultimate all-in-one retrogaming powerhouse. It will come preloaded with the gaming libraries from the most beloved and influential consoles from the golden age of gaming:

Arcade Classics!! – 300+ of your favorite games in their original arcade form (X-Men, The Simpsons, TMNT!)
Atari – Every US game ever released
Intellivision – Every US game ever released
ColecoVision – Every US game ever released
Atari 5200 – Every game ever released
Famicom (Japanese-Version NES) – 300 of the very best japanese titles. (2/3 translated to english, the rest don’t require translation to enjoy)
NES – Every US & EU game ever released, including unlicensed titles.
Famicom Disk System – Every game ever released
Sega Master System – Every US & EU game ever released
Atari 7800 – Every game ever released
Atari Lynx – Every game ever released
Sega Genesis – Every US & EU game ever released
Game Boy – Every US game released
TurboGrafx-16 – Every US Turbochip game ever released
Neo Geo – Every game ever released
Super Famicom – 300 of the very best japanese titles (2/3 translated, the rest not required)
Super Nintendo – Every US & EU game ever released
Game Gear – Every US game ever released
32X – Every game released
Virtual Boy – Every game ever released
Nintendo 64** – 200+ games
Game Boy Color – Every US game released
Game Boy Advance – Every US game released + Mother 3!!

BONUS: An EXTENSIVE collection of fan-made games. Highlights include an updated Tecmo Super Bowl with 2020-2021 rosters, NBA Jam 2K20, new Castlevanias, a Chrono Trigger prequel and sequel, Metroid, Mega Man, Final Fantasy, a wide variety of new Zelda adventures (Parallel Worlds included), and an absolutely mind-boggling amount of Super Mario’s. Enjoy Mario in new creative worlds that will challenge and amaze even the most seasoned players! Think you’re a Mario master? Kaizo Mario awaits!

**N64 games are notoriously difficult. In other words, many do not work or are otherwise unplayable. I have removed the ones that are unplayable. The remaining ones fall into varying categories of performance. Some run quite well, but some will still suffer from choppiness, audio stutter, glitches, or slow down. However, they are quite playable! Including some of the best! FYI: This is bleeding-edge. Nobody can claim a better collection of playable N64 games because it simply isn’t possible. Also, an old-school, corded Wii Classic/Wii Classic Pro controller is recommended for the N64 games. The default button configuration works flawlessly and the analog sticks will provide optimal gameplay.

Arcade list available in the photos – automatically compressed so you will need to zoom.

No set-up is required! This is a simple plug ‘n play! Power on, Game on!

Additional Features:

1.) Quick-Reset has been enabled: Hold down arrow + Select to exit your game and return to the main menu where you will have the opportunity to save your progress.
2.) 4 save slots per game. You can have 4 separate resume points for each game. There is more than enough room.
3.) Turbo-fire enabled: Press Select + A or B button. Works great for games like Contra.

What’s in the Box?:

– SNES Mini Console w/ 7500+ games
– 2 SNES Controllers
– USB/Power Cord
– HDMI Cable
– Flash Drive
– OTG Cable

Item is in pristine condition & repackaged in a plain cardboard box.

Shipping: (Ships next day excluding Sundays)

Priority Mail  (2-3 days): FREE
Priority Mail Express (Next Day): $39.99

Item will be packaged with care and arrive quickly and safely. Message me with any questions. Thanks!


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